Routine Maintenance

Controlling maintenance costs, reducing down time, optimising performance – aspirations Compressed Air Solutions aim to turn into reality by raising the bar for air compressor and ancillary equipment servicing. Keeping systems operating at peak efficiency requires investment in condition monitoring equipment, continuous training and a thorough knowledge of the technology. Our factory trained service technicians are well equipped in all respects and represent a significant commitment to meeting your needs.

Reasons to choose Compressed Air Service Contract

  • Option of payment schedules to suit you
  • Flexibility within the contact. You have the option to swap a service from one machine to another if needed.
  • Not tied into a formal contract. If for whatever reason you decide you want to leave the contact early, you have the opportunity to do so.

Added Value Services offered by CAS

Coolant Analysis


  • Early detection or wear or corrosion (metal particles from bearings, etc)
  • Identification of fluid contaminants (dirt, chemicals, etc)
  • Evaluation of fluid lubrication properties for degradation

Customer Benefits

  • Prevents machine failure by identifying problems early
  • Reduces risk of downtime due to unexpected failures

Vibration Analysis


  • Records Shock Pulse and Vibration data…. Allows trending
  • Data and Trending detect potential bearings / motor failures
  • Identifies vibration source and determines root cause
  • Can provide vibration reports

Customer Benefits

  • Prevents machine failure by indentifying problems early
  • Reduces risk of downtime due to unexpected failures
  • Allows scheduling repairs when it is convenient, not when components fail