Looking to Save Energy


In today’s world, the pressure on businesses to run and work in an environmentally friendly way is becoming paramount. For this reason, let Compressed Air Solutions show you how we could help you to ensure that your compressed air system is the most efficient and eco friendly as possible. We also have many tips on how you could save money in the process.

Two Stage Airend

Deliver up to 15% more air with a two stage airend than a single stage compressor, while consuming the same amount of energy.

Variable Speed Drive Compressor

Ingersoll Rand VSD compressors maximise the full potential of variable speed technology. Only Nirvana VSD uses the hybrid permanent magnet (HPM) motor, the highest efficiency motor available.

Premium Efficiency Variable Speed Compressors

Ingersoll Rand R-Series Premium Efficiency variable speed compressors deliver not only the full potential of variable speed technology with a hybrid permanent magnet motor, but also improved performance, better efficiency, and enhanced features

Leak Detection Survey

Did you know a 3mm hole in your compressed air system could cost you a £1,000 a year in wasted energy? Compressed Air Solutions offers a comprehensive Leak Detection Survey in which once the survey is complete you will receive a report showing all leaks found and recommendations of how the leaks can be rectified.

Helpful tips to ensure you are running your compressed air system as efficiently as possible

As much as 80 – 90% of the electrical energy used by an air compressor is converted into heat. A heat recovery unit can recover 50 -90% of this heat. This can then be used to heat a unit in winter time or heat water for further use.

A compressor will compress air to a certain pressure. By the time the compressed air has gone through all the ancillary equipment and reached the point of use, the pressure will be lower. It is essential to keep this pressure drop to a minimum. If you get a pressure drop greater than 10% evaluate the system ensuring that all pipework is sized correctly for the demand and identifying any areas causing an excessive pressure drop.

Maintain air filters on a regular basis. Air filters can collect dirt which in time can cause pressure drops. It is recommended that filter elements are replaced at least every 12 months. This can vary depending on site conditions.

Do not set pressure higher than required for that application. Every 2psi reduction in pressure will reduce running costs by approximately 1.5%. Pressure regulators can be used to minimise artificial demand.

Identify any leaks in the compressed air system. A 3mm leak will cost approximately £1,000 a year* in wasted energy. For further information on this please check out Compressed Air Solutions Leak Detection Surveys.

*Based on 8p/kWh tariff.