AP Range


Extruded profiled pipe.

Renovated for improved performance.

Teseo Fitting(AP) Aluminium Pipework is the latest generation of modular compressed air pipework systems available from Teseo UK. The AP profile is 70% lighter than traditional galvanised steel but robust thanks to the thicker wall of the tubing. AP allows for quick installation and modifications of the system performed with simple basic tools without welding or threading.


  • Flexibility – Allows for quick installation and modifications to the system even if the job is completed.   Easy to make changes and add new branch lines or point of use drop.
  • Air Quality –Made of natural aluminium without painting or electrochemical surface treatments – makes the product resistant to corrosion and provides contaminant-free air.
  • Low Maintenance – Reduces costs for leakages, downtime and labour for modifications .
  • AP is available from sizes 20mm-25-40-50 and 68mm i.d. – rated up to 15 bar.

With the new diameter AP68 the AP range developed by Teseo is complete. An aluminium modular system in extruded profiles with innovative features and high performance. With the new size equivalent to 2” 3/4, the AP system is now able to handle compressor power up to and above 140 kW.


Ball Valve Outlet PlateThe Teseo modular aluminium pipework system is now covered by a 20-year warranty – the longest product assurance available in the manufacturing pipework business sector.

Warranty covers the replacement of faulty or damaged parts.

Coverage terms of TESEO warranty.

  • Use of genuine parts installed correctly.
  • Use for compressed air distribution inside industrial buildings.
  • Use respecting fields and limits of application, protecting the system from vibrations, hammering, shocks and corrosive environment.